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Stefan Stancescu

Name: Ştefan Stăncescu  

Title: Ph.D (dr.ing.)  

Work place: POLITEHNICA University Romania (UPB),  

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology(ETIC). 

Department of Applied Electronics and Information Engineering(AEIE) 

Position: Associate Professor  

Born: 1949, July 9, in Slatina, Olt district, ROMANIA.  

Home: Bucharest 060765,Atanasie Stoicescu Economu 13.  

Phone/fax: (+40) 21 3166246/3166164  

Mail: stst@elia.pub.ro  

www: stst.elia.pub.ro  

Social: Married with two children of 18 and 21 years old.  

Studies: Graduated as MS (electronics engineer) in 1972, UPB, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. 

          Ph.D. (dr. Eng.) in Electronics in 1986, UPB, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. 


  • Present activities(1992-now)
  • Past activities (1972-1992)
  • Published activity
  • Others
  • Patent comments
  • Selected paper list
  • Contact addresses



    Present activities(1992-now):

      Software engineering, system software, algorithms theory, computer architecture and computer networks. Responsibility for the computer section of Applied Electronics Chair, including all student teaching coordination and network administration supervisory. System software projects manager, object orientation techniques and network applications in C++, Visual C and Java.

    Past activities (1972-1992):

      20 years of R&D activities at the Romanian major Computer Technique Institute, ITC in Bucharest. R&D project manager centered on microcomputers and peripheral equipment on magnetic media. Designer of the first operating system on floppy disk (ISIS II) in ROMANIA. Designer of SCSI disk interfaces in host adapters and drive controllers on popular standard busses MULTIBUS, AMS, STD-Z80, Q-BUS, PC-BUS with operating systems as CP/M, RT 11, MS DOS. Designer of industrial complex applications in data control systems with uninterrupted function. Design team leader for electronic boards and all associated automated assembling line of matrix printers.

    Published activity:

       Ph.D. ( doctor inginer ) title in electronics from University POLITEHNICA Bucharest on the thesis "Optimal coding for memory equipment of computer systems".

      Author or co-author of 6 registered patents. Author or co-author of more papers in digital magnetic recording, disk file algorithms, bus architecture, computer networks and massive data management. .


      • Lupu Cristian, Ştefan Stăncescu, "Microprocesoare. Circuite. Aplicaţii." Ed. Militară, Bucureşti, 1985



    • IEEE Computer Society member from 1984.
    • Computer expert for Romanian Government - Justice Ministry
    • Hobbies: mountain climbing. skiing, tennis, bridge.


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6.       Nisipeanu Ion, Şt. Ştăncescu, Văceanu Nicolae, "Metodă şi dispozitiv de conectare a unor deruloare într-un sistem de memorie pe bandă magnetică", Certificat de Inventator 63423, OSIM 1977.

           Patent comments:

  • 101732 "Interface device for peripheral equipments controllers", 1988 (A flexible and multifunctional interface for peripheral controllers).
  • 97298:  "Coding proceeds and device for RLL coding", 1988 (A quadrupling density recording method following a proprietary ternary RLL algorithm).
  • 97299:  "Methods and device for mark selection from recorded or send/received data format", 1986 (Mark detection/insertion device in disk formatter/controller).
  • 93739:  "Proceeds and device for coding", 1985 (FM/MFM coding device).
  • 83527:  "Proceeds and device for an operating system loader from diskette", 1982 (IT scheme to eliminate FD intelligent controller in an ISIS II OS environment).
  • 63423:   "Method and device for connecting tape drivers in a tape drive system memory" 1977 (Controller solutions for a tape interface).



    Selected paper list:


1.     Şt. Stăncescu, C. I. Ingieru  Toward Application Driven and Included Compiler", Proceedings of International Conference on  Intelligent Systems CIS - MIPRO 2010, May 24-28 2010, Opatia, pp. 221-224.

1.      Şt. Stăncescu, L. Neagoe, R. Marinescu, E. Enoiu  A Sysml Model for Code Correction and Detection Systems", Proceedings of International Conference on Microelectronics, Electronics and Electronic Technology MEET  - MIPRO 2009, May 24-28 2010, Opatia, pp. 215-217.

1.      Şt. Stăncescu, L. Raicea, R. Marinescu, E. Enoiu  UML Modeling in Design of Error Detection and Correction Circuits", Proceedings of International Conference on Telecommunications and Infoprmation CTI - MIPRO 2009, May 25-29 2009, Opatia, pp. 521-526.

    2.      Şt. Stăncescu, G.A. Carleciuc  Queue Length Influence in RED Congestion Avoidance Algorithm, Proceedings of International Conference on Telecommunications and Infoprmation CTI - MIPRO 2009, May 25-29 2009, Opatia, pp. 73-76.

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5.             S. Cojocaru,C. Radoi, Şt. Stancescu  "Network parameters optimization in CAN-Network design" , Procedings of the 7th International Conference Communications 2008, Bucharest , June 5-7 ISBN 978-606-521-008-0

6.             S. Cojocaru,C. Radoi, Şt.Stancescu  "Communication problems in distributed embedded systems" Procedings of the 9th International Carpathian Control Conference Sinaia, Romania, May 25-28, 2008 ISBN 978-973-746-897-0

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    21   Mihai Andrei, St. Stăncescu, “Data Access Algorithms in Distributed Database Systems for High Speed Networks”, Proceedings of International Conference COMMUNICATIONS 2000, 7-9 December 2000 Bucharest, pp. 218.

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    Contact addresses:

    Atanase Stoicescu 13, 
    CP 74-38, Bucharest 060765
    Office: (+40) 21 4024628

    Home: (+40) 21 3166246
    (+40) 21 3166164

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